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so.. time to pop on here. soooo . had a few moments where i really thought i was gonna get a different job but still havent.. lol. went to the park along the street with my pals on easter day. was loooovely.. and...erm i now have 5 days off! yippeee!!!!no plans as yet but we shall see.. macdonalds breakfast tomorrow :D
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new year

wow its so long since i did an entry here
ok so still at the same job and living in the same flat with the same husband lol. however im just about done with my current job. im feeling restless and need adventure. i probably live with my head in the clouds but there ya go. i want this so much i can taste it .. just have to push myself forward.
i just realised i didnt do one single entry last year. its almost like it didnt happen lol. so ..erm.. more writing this year i think. its interesting to have just read my entire journal and realise that in many ways im happier than i have been for a while, even if im no better off financially. ( i do get frustrated and worried by it.. dont get me wrong) maybe its an age thing
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christmas broadcast

merry christmas eve people. usually at this time of year i do a little christmassy entry, after being inspired by a christmassy moment.to be truthful, ive not had one yet so i guess ill have to wait till tomorrow for it lol
nevertheless, im going to go to midnight mass, weird for a pagan but i do find it inspiring, tomorrow i will be cooking goose and drinking mulled wine :D
im very very lucky, i have a warm dry home, friends ,family, food and presents...and a job. im blessed where some are not.
i hope you have a great couple of days, and a blessed 2011 .. :D
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a couple of points

the Liz Mercer school-of-life Debating department . discussions one and two.

ok so ive just read a weekend supplement magazine which was full of articles about the crisis effecting men. it suggested that men are unsure of their place in society as some traditionally male roles are shrinking and traditional male qualities are more frowned upon. they feel belittled by women being constantly portrayed as the brave smart ones in books, tv, adverts, films and so on, and men being the losers. my boyfriend pointed this out to me around 22 years ago, so why are they still suffering? why are they still unappreciated, misrepresented, deamonised and laughed at?
well to admit there is some sort of multinational male character assassination conspiracy would be seen as a sign of weakness, but also, if they ask their opposite gender friends ,collegues and partners , well.. we don't know either. Many women cant put their finger on what they want in a man, and are scared of putting gender equality back half a decade if they admit they actually love it when a man is assertive when protection is needed, could handle himself in a fight (but not as the aggressor naturally), is strong of build and square of jaw and generally, well, masculine.
So basically, a man should just be himself.. if hes all of the above, all well and good, and if he isn't, not a problem, women are sometimes all girlie and sometimes more tom-boyish, this has long been accepted, so perhaps its time for us to accept that men have a range of 'how they are' too, and there is a plenty of room in this world for all of it.

point two..the national identity crisis
this is a short one.. in essence i believe that more pride should be taken in our country. it is not is government, tax laws, polluted cities, or criminal minority.
our country is however, its people; their history, endeavours and achievement; its language, culture and its wild areas and natural history.
my belief is that we should all be taught to appreciate these things, we should learn about them and be exposed to them, and we should be proud of them. when i say we, i do mean everyone, british born and immigrants alike.
will this mean agressively asserting british and english superiority? no, but what itwill mean is that everyone you see in the street, any brit you may see when abroad on holiday, and any children yet to come will have this knowledge of and love for its country in common, wether they also wear a sari or rasta hat or not, and my theory and hope would be that that common thread would go almost all the way to removing inter-racial hostility within our borders and helping to forge a national identity where the diversity takes care of itself. after all if there is not perceived threat to national identity then any cultural differences are not a problem, they are an education.

(no subject)

happy autumn equinox y'all :) lol. well i do feel like harvest has well and truly happened, found some grapes on our vine :) and some blackberries in our neighbourhood, aaaand some apples in mum and dads orchard. yum... yum yum :D

money is sooo tight atm .. seem to be doing a proper shop every other week instead of every week just to make it all last, same with petrol... its nuts.

joy of joys, aidy has rediscovered computer gaming... just wen we wee thinking of selling the main pc.. so i have lethal weapon on tv with all its shouting and shooting, and havent heared a word cos of all his gunshots and sound effects from his game. aaah well at least he's happy.
mum and dad have bought a static caravan in swanage.. so... quite excited for them, ive yet to go see it.

this weekend we are celebrating neils birthday with a trip to go ape in the new forest.... eeeek!!!
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(no subject)

ok.. lol so two months has gone by... been quite busy with friends, doing the rounds of dinner parties and stuffs :) si and sam have their own place, which is lovely , and little baby alfie is growing apace .
aidys sister got married on the 17th which was also lovely.. saw family as well, obviously lol
had a nice few days off and went to the beach and had a bbq.. stuff like dat was loverly.. i even swam.
had a good old cam chat with greg :).....

thats about it really. cant think of much more, it all becomes a blur lol
really must update more often xx
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(no subject)

well.. the wedding was ace.. the flowers i made were appreciated so thats all i could ask for :D
the day was great! saw some friends we'd not seen in a while, pad and nat. who will be back in the area soon .. yaaaaaay! the happy couple honeymooned in lanzerote, which they loooooved, for a week and have since come back, had a week back at work and shown us piccies lol it looks great there.

we have a family of blue tits nesting in a box which we were given and was left on our garden bench. aidy had been trying to get piccies of the babies, which we can here calling every now and then and are nearly old enough to poke their beaks out of the nest lol
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peaks and troughs

so.. im gonna gloss over the troughs which involve many bouts of invoooolved crying in the space of a couple of days ..over the last few months, and focus on the peaks..

ok.. february..
new lodger :D gavin moved in after neil and chrissie moved out of the lat at charter house, which he shared with them.
valentines day.. had a nice day with flowers and a card and felt loved :D
met a friend in london and stayed over night.. had lots of fun :D

friend chrissie had Alfie Charles ,her and neils baby boy.. he's adorable, if not the holy grail of babies ..the 'easy feeder and sleeper and non crier'. so yes, much rejoicing and cooing and cuddles.
weekend in basildon , afternoon at southend beach.. much fun, nice relaxing weekend with friends

seeming to have quite a few 3 day weekends , what with bank holidays and restdays and stuff.. never a bad thing.
staff night out for st georges day, lots of laughs and flirting with male collegues, no hangover ..yaay
sams hen night.. including drinkies at her friends house, a limo ride!! (my first ever)a great meal at tgi friday in fareham, and no hangover lol

so..thats spring so far, we have sams wedding on weds the 28th.. looking forward to that. :D :D . ill tell ya all about it when its happened x
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snow week

welll now, quite apart from bringing the nation together under one flake, the snow has brought out peoples creative side...

look at this :)

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(no subject)

i just watched love actually for the first time, apparently its 6 years old now, and i just got around to seeing it. let me tell you gentle reader, it was worth the wait, just like that first moment when a heart melts for whatever reason. it kind of reminded me what its like to fall in love, sometimes its exquisite agony aand irresolvable conflict of interests, sometimes its perfect and workable,once both parties realise they are, in fact, in love. i can think of at least 4 ppl on my flist who are cosying up with the love of their lives, sarah and kyle, brad and damian, beverly and pete, and for the love of gods, still... renee and alfio. im so glad for them,and i hope they take a misty eyed look at each other now.. yes, right now.. we'll wait..

thanks...and realise how lucky they are :D if there is anyone who hankers for someone who they arent with...what are ya waiting for? get in touch with them, right now.. yes right now, and tell them how ya feel.. we'd best not wait for them though eh? and if you're not sure how, watch the bit in love actually where kiera knightly answers the door to her hubbies best friend, and he holds up cards to tell her his feelings, to the sound of silent night.

i know im an incurable, impractical, insufferable romantic, but ...i dont care, there is so much bad in the world, we should celebrate whats good.. love in all its forms.. its what makes the world go round, and i hope theres just a little bit more of it in 2010